Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Mid-Atlantic Physician Recruiter Alliance, also known as MAPRA.

Article II – Membership

Membership will be open to those with direct involvement in and who are primarily responsible for the recruitment, retention, or acquisition of physicians and/or other medical staff. Members must be employed by a hospital, hospital system, clinic, practice, managed care organization, and/or not-for-profit health care association. Members can be employed by or contracted employees of the member entity. MAPRA will not accept members who are employed by an outside recruitment agency.

The Membership Committee will recruit and recommend individuals for membership based on the above criteria. This committee will review all applications for membership. All applicants must receive 100% approval from this committee for membership privilege to be extended. If committee is in discord, the application must be presented and voted upon by entire membership. The Membership Committee will keep an accurate list of members and distribute this list to all members annually.

Article III – Purpose and Objectives

MAPRA will strive to attain its Mission through:

  • The exchange of ideas and information

  • Educational meetings/conferences

  • Networking between members

Article IV – Meetings

Meetings will be held at least quarterly, via conference call. Meeting content will be directed by the needs of the membership. One physical meeting will be designated as the annual business meeting.
Meetings of committees will occur on an as-needed basis.

Article V – Dues

Annual dues will be required by each member, the amount to be established by the Executive Committee. Dues will be used to cover the actual expenses of the organization and be payable annually on January 1. Members will receive invoices on an annual basis. 

Article VI – Expenditures

All expenditures outside the normal operating expenses require the approval of the Executive Committee. A treasury report will be issued to all members with the minutes of each meeting.

Article VII – Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Two Members-At-Large, all of whom will be granted voting privileges. The offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and each of the Members-At-Large will be voted upon bi-annually based upon nominations solicited prior to the annual meeting date. The Treasurer will be appointed by the President, with the approval of a majority of the Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee, except for the Treasurer, will serve two-year terms. The outgoing-President will serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee for two years following term of presidency. The ex-officio member will be granted voting privileges only for the purpose of breaking a tie in any vote. Terms of office will begin in January following elections and end in December of the following year.
In the event an officer must vacate their position prior to new election, the executive committee will identify a replacement to fulfill the remainder of that term.

Article VIII – Duties of Officers


Will set the agenda and distribute to the membership prior to meetings. President will preside over meetings of the membership and executive committee. President will assist in planning and implementation of educational programs for the organization.

Vice President:

Will assume duties of the President in the event of absence and assist in the planning and implementation of educational programs for the organization. Vice President will chair the Education & Conference Committee.


Will keep minutes of meetings, notify membership of meeting dates, and provide meeting minutes to membership. Secretary will maintain an accurate membership registry and maintain the membership roster on the website. Secretary will chair the Membership Committee.


Will be responsible for managing the funds and debts of the organization and provide a treasury report for publication with meeting minutes. 

Article IX – Committees 

The Executive Committee will provide oversight to committees and chairpersons, who will deliver a report at the annual meeting. The following standing committees will be:

  • Membership Committee – Chaired by Secretary

  • Education & Conference Committee – Chaired by Vice President

  • Marketing Committee – Chair to be appointed by President

  • Website Committee – Chair to be appointed by President

The Executive Committee may create ad-hoc committees as necessary.

Article X – Amendments

The bylaws of the organization may be amended, when deemed necessary by the Executive Committee, by a majority vote of the membership. Proposed amendments will be provided to all members for input and voting opportunity.

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