“I joined MAPRA in 2014 when I first began my role as a Physician Recruiter with  PinnacleHealth in Harrisburg, PA.  As someone new to physician recruitment, I’ve found MAPRA to be essential to building both my knowledge base and my network.  It’s been great to be a part of an organization that fully embraces both veteran and rookie recruiters.  I’ve learned so much about all aspects of physician recruitment, especially from last year’s annual conference.  I also highly value the camaraderie that comes along with my membership.  It’s wonderful to see familiar faces at job fairs and other events.  I am very excited to continue being a part of  MAPRA in 2015 and beyond.”

Rachel Jones, MBA, FASPR
UPMC Pinnacle

“I joined AAPPR in 2008 & MAPRA in 2013 when I first came to Pennsylvania. Having experience in other regional groups I knew the best way to get connected quickly to colleagues was through a regional recruitment group. MAPRA has become an incredibly valuable part of my daily recruiting life. The connections, ideas, education, and camaraderie are all sources of inspiration and embolden me to be better and get better at what I do for a living. MAPRA is a trusted friend and I honestly wouldn’t enjoy my job as much if it was not a part of my professional life.”

Steven Jacobs, MA, FASPR
Einstein Healthcare Network

“I joined MAPRA and AAPPR in 2014 when I transferred from Nurse Recruitment to Physician Recruitment at UPMC Susquehanna. Within my first month, I was able to attend the AAPPR national conference and begin the process of becoming a FASPR. That October, I attended my first MAPRA Conference and was totally hooked! The collegiality, networking, education and support that I found with this group was instrumental to my orientation into physician recruitment. Within 2 years, I was elected as the Secretary and Membership Chair of MAPRA and have been serving in this role since 2016. Besides the continuing education and professional development opportunities, the strength of this group lies within it’s friendships and network of support.”

Mary Grieco, BSN, FASPR
UPMC Susquehanna/Susquehanna Medical Group

Penn Highlands – Dubois